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Thank you so much for putting in extra hours and love into your work to help make my wedding perfect! You did an amazing job fixing the poor job done by someone else previously. Turning my gown back into the spectacular dress it originally was. I simply can't thank you enough!

Chelsea Beyers


I recently had a business dealing with Cheryl Bushman, owner/operator of Alterations Plus in Boise, Idaho and wanted to pass on to you some words for your book regarding her.

My daughter, Mindy Kayser, got married on September 10, 2005.  We were working with a bridal shop in Bellevue, Washington to get Mindy's wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.  We were under a time crunch because our son is in the military and we were concerned he might be deployed to Iraq and not make it to her wedding.  Because of this we knew we wouldn't have much time to order "her special dress". 

Her dress was to arrive ready to be shipped by September 1, 2005 which would allow her 9 days to get any minor alterations and get the dress pressed.  Her dress was shipped incorrectly and we had to wait for a new bodice.  It arrived on September 6, 2005 and we were assured by the bridal shop in Bellevue, WA that is would be beautiful and ready to wear.  Mindy received her dress in Boise, Idaho on September 7th in the afternoon.  It was at least 2 sizes too big! She was heartsick and at that point just wanted to wedding over with.  As her parents we scrambled to think of how to correct this matter.

Mindy had called Cheryl Bushman about 5 months ago and had asked her about making her a dress.   Cheryl was very open and friendly and told Mindy she had other orders and after hearing the type of dress Mindy wanted knew it would be more expensive to make than to find one ready made. I told Mindy on September 7th that I would go to Cheryl's shop, Alterations Plus, and ask Cheryl to do us a huge favor and pay whatever to get the dress corrected.  My husband and I own a business and know what it is like to have your day planned and get something thrown at you in a time crunch and have time to work in another huge problem

Cheryl  embraced me and assured me she would make the dress perfect for my daughter.  She went above and beyond to make us feel like she would not only correct the dress but that it would be perfect for our daughter's special day. 

By Thursday, September 8th, Cheryl was ready for Mindy to come for a fitting.  Keep in mind Cheryl had several other alterations she needed to get done for her customers.  I can't imagine how late (or early) she must have come to work to get this done for our daughter.  I was so thankful for her professionalism and friendly manner that put us so at ease and confident that we would have a wonderful dress.  Cheryl truly is an example of a compassionate, hard working professional that we don't have the opportunity to work with very often these days.  She truly dropped everything to get my daughter's dress done for her. 

When Mindy put the dress on her wedding day she looked in the mirror and saw herself and said, "Now this was the dress I was expecting to have when it arrived on Wednesday, (September7th) -- it is absolutely perfect!"   She was so appreciative of Cheryl and her ability as a seamstress to alter a difficult dress and make it perfect for her!!!  

It was such an honor to work with and know a person like Cheryl and because of her our only daughter's wedding day was the day not only she had dreamed of, but the day we hoped it would be for her!    It would be a better world to have more people like her in our business world!!!!


Ronda Kayser
Kayser's Chapel of Memories, Inc.
Moses Lake, WA.

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